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How to repair CorelDraw project file

Modified on 01/01/2019

CorelDRAW file repair software for recovery of the contents of damaged CDR files. Program helps to repair corrupted Corel Draw project files.

The repairing of corrupted *.cdr file of CorelDraw project - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download CorelDraw Repair Kit here:
  2. Install CorelDraw Repair Kit
  3. Start CorelDraw Repair Kit
  4. Select corrupted *.cdr file
  5. Preview repaired drawing and press Start recovery button

How to repair corel draw file ?

Online corel draw file repair tool

CorelDraw Repair Kit is a compact, easy to use and efficient online Corel Draw file repair tool intended for all categories of users - from complete rookies to seasoned pros with years of IT experience. The product is based on a uniquely efficient engine capable of analyzing the most seriously damaged CDR files and extracting the most of their contents. Given the wide target audience of CorelDraw Repair Kit, the authors minimized the interface complexity and left the most crucial elements to make data recovery accessible to everyone. Therefore, even the least computer-literate can efficie.

The program is intended for digital artists, designers, illustrators and other professionals whose work is closely associated with CorelDraw and dealing with multiple source files on a daily basis. Such files may come from various channels susceptible to file corruption and cause serious problems in projects where that play one of the key roles. The interface of this Corel Draw file repair software uses the concept of a step-by-step recovery wizard and takes users from start to finish in a few quick steps, so there is really no need for a user to know how to repair Corel Draw file data. This CorelDraw repair file program supports all major versions of CorelDraw, including 10, 11, 12, X3, X4, X5 and newer ones, and works with files containing compressed graphic objects.

Corel draw file repair software

Recovered data are passed directly to CorelDraw, which must be installed on the user's system at the time of recovery. For additional convenience, this Corel Draw repair file tool features a built-in CDR file preview feature with image zooming and panning support, which lets the user take a look at the recoverable elements of damaged *.cdr files before their extraction. If the user has several versions of CorelDraw installed, the program will prompt for the preferred version of the output file on a corresponding recovery stage.

The software is perfect for those who want to know how to repair Corel Draw file data immediately after a corruption accident and without handing the source files over to an external vendor. Publishers and design agencies can save considerable amounts of money by switching from outsourced recovery services to in-house recovery using CorelDraw Repair Kit.

CorelDraw Repair file

Below are the key features of CorelDraw Repair Kit:

  • Comprehensive support of CorelDraw files of versions 10, 11, 12, X3, X4, X5 and newer ones.
  • Support of damaged files containing compressed graphic objects.
  • Direct transfer of recovered data to CorelDraw (a copy of CorelDraw must be installed on the user's system).
  • Possibility to select the version of recovered CorelDraw data on systems with multiple versions of CorelDraw installed.
  • Integrated preview of damaged CDR files with panning and zooming.
  • Highly intuitive and lightweight UI suitable for users who don't know how to repair corrupted Corel Draw file data.
How to repair corrupted corel draw file?

A free demo version of the program is available for download on the official site of the manufacturer.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above

Customer's reviews and ratings
Jaeden Mcpherson 2021-03-17

CorelDraw shows an error dialog box in the recovered file. After separately saving ("save as") the recovered document, the problem disappeared.

Branden Beard 2021-03-03

None of the software helped to repair the entire image, but your offline program was able to extract some sketches from the damaged drawing.

Anger Blob 2021-02-17

For my CorelDraw 12 drawing, the online repair service for .cdr file was perfect. I recommend

Chikar Zyrian 2021-02-03

There is no claim to the quality of the repair. But in 2021 to have a program with such a design, you immediately remember Windows 97. I can help with the design of the program, it's the 21st century!

Oaklyn David 2021-01-20

This service, as a rescue, is helping out for the second time in repairing a CorelDraw .cdr file

Legend Lane 2020-12-23

CorelDRAW 2019 does not open files. A complete reinstallation of the package did not help. The correct solution to the problem was to check the file itself for damage. It turned out that the file was corrupted, but how I did not understand yet. Each CorelDraw update brings new surprises. Thanks for fixing the file

Tristian Josue 2020-12-11

You can't even imagine how much you make my job easier. I work for an advertising company that prints outdoor advertisements, flyers, etc. And you can't even imagine what kind of dinosaurs come to us. Recently there was a case when a client dropped a file that was drawn in CorelDraw 12. I didn't even know that CorelDraw had such a version. As a result, the file opens only with him, on all our PCs CorelDraw could not open this .cdr file and shows an error. And there are many such examples, we come across quite often.

Jaxtyn Axton 2020-08-06

I wanted to split a large file into parts by exporting part of the drawing to another file, but it was not luck. While exporting, the computer froze and could not complete the operation, CorelDraw crashed. The file weighs 1.2GB, so I downloaded the program and tried to restore it. The file has been corrected, but some of the drawing elements have become huge. Now you will have to not only export, but also bring to its original state.

HURLYBURLY 2020-07-23

How glad I am to have received a (semi) repaired file that now opens without errors! I already wrote on the CorelDraw Community forum about the problem with opening the file, but there is no time to wait for the correct answer, since the project should be finished by this weekend. I'll tell you the background, maybe someone, like me, doubts now. I had an old CorelDraw file that I started working on. And suddenly he began to swear at the file format and stopped opening. Before that, I opened it every time and worked with it. I wrote on the forum, but did not receive a clear answer. My backup and original document were damaged.

Ototoxic 2020-07-08

I can see preview the content of damaged .CDR file but it is not able to open in CorelDraw. I thought I could not repair the file, since I had never encountered such a problem. My friend recommended your site, and how glad I was when the file could manage fixed

Proctor 2020-06-24

CorelDraw is showing an error while trying to open .cdr file. It’s not even clear how the file could be damaged. Restored a file that weighs about 2GB for too long. I had layers with transparent of 70-80%, which were not restored, and some were merged with others.

Quizzity 2020-06-10

I lost data of.CDR file, which was not saved incorrectly. After recover corrupted file by online service, I get my drawing without text, because text was written by plugin, that caused this problem.

SkateVirtuoso 2020-04-15

After a recent installation of CorelDraw x6, there is a problem opening the .CDR file with the error "This format is not supported." It turned out that the file was damaged, after recovery everything opens normally, my work was saved!

Aloneer 2020-03-04

Today I received a letter with a recovered .CDR file, I was able to open it in CorelDraw 12. I generally forgot that I uploaded a file here that unable be opened due to the error "The file filename.cdr is an unknown format and cannot be opened." Thanks a lot!

Nick 2018-09-05

Need to try software or service before purchase.

Z A 2017-05-11

Repair: good. Interface: best. Preview: good.

Jack 2016-01-20

Low speed of recovery. But good repair result. Tool helps to repair my CorelDraw project during 2 days.

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